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Latest Firmware Release

Postby Support » Fri Jan 09, 2015 5:31 pm

This topic will be updated as new releases are posted reflecting the current release notes and release history.

When updated the latest release for your device will be available for downloading from the cloud server via your Upload Firmware link on your HydroFLASH web page.

To update your device via the cloud update button you must first be running version 3.00.08 or greater.
If you are not currently running Version 3.00.08 or greater, first Download and install the latest version using instructions from here:
For WiFi:

For Wired:

1. Perform a fresh Reboot of your HydroFLASH by navigating to the Reboot page and click the Reboot button. Following the reboot proceed to step 2.

2. Browse to the Upload Firmware page on your HydroFLASH device and click the "Update from Cloud Server" button.

3. HydroFLASH will download the latest version, install it and reboot.

4. Return to the Upload Firmware page or view your log file after the reboot to confirm your version reflects the latest version.


Both Wired and WiFi Versions 4.00.05
* Updates for Apple Push Notifications - Yearly Certificate Update so that your Apple push notification will continue to work through 7-29-20.


Both Wired and WiFi Versions 4.00.04
* Updates for Apple Push Notifications - Yearly Certificate Update so that your Apple push notification will continue to work through 7-05-19.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 4.00.03
* Updates for Apple Push Notifications - Yearly Certificate Update so that your Apple push notification will continue to work through 4-15-18.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 4.00.02
* Updated software to use SSL to connect to NOAA weather servers as NOAA had changed to only use a secure socket connection for weather.
Probability of Precipitation (chance of rain) and daily temperature forecasts are now restored.
Removed https web service for HydroFLASH web interface.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 4.00.01
* Updates for Apple Push Notifications - Yearly Certificate Update so that your Apple push notification will continue to work after 4-15-16.
* Corrected Apple notifications so that notification sounds are available again.
* One Button Setup added for WiFi (WPS). Pressing and holding ENT button or the side reset button immediately following the "booting" message will start WPS. This should work for most routers that support WPS.
* Added support for Semi-Automatic Link establishment for Insteon devices via web interface. Button presses are no longer required for the most part..
* Added support for Insteon Fan-Linc - Add 1 device as type FanLinc 1 as SwitchLinc Dimmer wit same address. Fan speed % is 0=OFF, 1-33=LOW,34-67=MED,68-100=HIGH.
* Added Insteon Modem detection - Added to Log on power up.
* Corrected Insteon Scene issue where dimmable devices would not update if sent a "ON" scene value vs a percent ON value if already ON.
* Insteon message processor improvements.
* Added setting to ignore Rain Delay / Weather delay condition on a per station option - See settings page on Valve options. HF will water those stations regardless of rain delay state. This was to address indoor or covered patio plants.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 3.00.21
* Updates for Apple Push Notifications - Yearly Certificate Update so that your Apple push notification will continue to work after 4-15-15.
* Corrects a logging issue when turning on or off Insteon devices when the device state is already on.
* Adds Factory Reset function to Manual Button in addition to paperclip reset - Now requires 10 second button press or longer to perform reset.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 3.00.20
* Fixes an issue where NOAA forecast data was no longer available after Jan 2 2015.
* Fixes an issue with watering script processing that was not factoring in freeze or wind events correctly.
* Updated WiFi Driver to improve connectivity performance.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 3.00.10
* Fixes a Memory Leak with Cloud Server interface and associated name service look ups for Mail and Weather Data downloads.
* Fixes a Memory Leak associated with XML processing of NOAA weather data.
* Fixes an issue with the Send Email service where we were not waiting long enough for the server response and failing to send the email on ocassion. This issue was seen primarily on gmail smtp servers.
* Improves Send Email Service logging to help identify email send issues. Specifically servers that require the Mail From: field to be validated.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 3.00.09
* Corrects an issue where the rain delay was not being activated on weather or rain sensor events unless the 'Enable Watering Delay Push Notifications' was checked on the settings page.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 3.00.08
* Corrects the Update Firmware from Cloud server functionality to fix passive FTP mode implementation (3.00.04 worked for most but not all).

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 3.00.07
* Corrects a typo on the Scene Edit Page showing incorrect examples of the Watering Scenes. The time criteria value was missing.
* Added WiFi or Wired device type to Log Header.

Wired Version 3.00.06
* Corrects a compile time directive issue that could cause network issues depending on local network traffic.
* Corrects a bug with the Water EVERYXDAYS scene processing that would prevent it from correctly executing.

WiFi Version 3.00.05
* Corrects a bug with the Water EVERYXDAYS scene processing that would prevent it from correctly executing.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 3.00.04
You will need to update your mobile device to 3.0 to correctly work with this version.
Check the iTunes Store or Google Play Store for updates.

* WiFi driver improvements including WiFi watchdog reset.
* Watering Every X days provided via Scene script. Provide Start Date and every X day value.
* Firmware updates using one button update from web interface. Firmware is download directly from the cloud server.
* Email now supports SSL/TLS so you can use Gmail (or other TLS/SSL server) as your outgoing SMTP server.
* iPhone Push notifications for Weather and Insteon events. (Android already implemented)
* Personal Weather Stations via WUI or Direct using a MeteoBridge device.
* Simplified Rain delay options to enable or disable and specify trigger amount.
* Additional Watering Delay triggers for Wind and Low Temperatures.
* Additional Watering time adjustments for Humidity level.
* Dual Rain Delay countdown values. One for Physical Rain Sensor and One for Weather Forecast delay trigger.
* Option to Enable or Disabling Emailing of log files.
* Option to Send Test email from Settings page on Save.
* Option to enable LCD back light timeout. Resets when HydroFLASH is in communication with Mobile App.
* Option to disable all logging.
* Supports front panel buttons current shipping on all units as of 8-12-14. (Existing units are up-gradable) See this topic link for more information.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 2.00.02
* Corrected an issue with the logging that could result in logging issues.
* Removed some of the logging entries for successful events like Weather updates, Real Time Clock updates etc.
* Correct a bug related to buffer sizing that could cause instabilities.
* Added Data Fields for Average Monthly High Temperature values to the System Settings page replacing the single Baseline value. Now adjustments will be correct for each month of the year. Data for your location can be obtained from Weather Underground or other sources to input the Monthly Average High temps. We are looking to automate this data download in a future release. The mobile app will be updated to support editing these fields in a coming release.
* Reduced the SNTP updates to 24 hours vs 6.
* SNTP Restart attempts moved to 1 hour intervals vs each minute on SNTP timeouts.
* Correct issue where Factory Reset message was not always being displayed when preforming a reset prior to unit rebooting.
* On Factory Reset, if Rain Delay is set to Permanent, it is now cleared.
* Added logging to catch overlapping start times within a individual program schedule. Previously this was prevented but not logged.
* Corrected a bug for Insteon Scenes names that ended with "-nl" (No Logging) that were being logged during when the event triggered the scene.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 2.00.01
* Insteon Event processing improvements.
* Corrected labels for the Days of the week for the Temperature values when viewed on the Mobile App Weather Tab are incorrect and duplicated days appear.
* Improvements to the NOAA weather processor. There was a condition that could potentially stall the thread preventing further updates.
* Updated the text that is displayed for Open/Close sensors to show "Open" or "Close" on the web and mobile app similar to the I/O lincs status.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 2.00.00
* Added Insteon Scene programming to allow controlling numerous devices at the single press of a button.
* Added Watering Scene programming to allow custom watering schedules based on day of month, time of day, unlimited start times and more.
* Added NOAA Forecast data to allow preemptive Rain delay enabling based on the percent chance of rain in the coming days. (User defined level and days to look forward)
* Added Watering Run Time adjustments based on daily forecast temperatures. If enabled you can create a stepped or linear adjustment based on a baseline temperature value. This will increase or reduce watering based on the values entered. A simple Excel spreadsheet with graph and user entered fields can be downloaded using the link below to enter your with the values and see the results.
* Added Insteon Thermostat programs page to allow multiple Thermostat programs setting temperature, mode, time of day etc.
* Added Insteon Scene programs page to allow the scheduling of Scene programs you have created.
* Added Insteon Events programs page to allow external Insteon events to trigger Scene programs you have created.
* Added Mobile App Push Notification option to Insteon Events and Rain Delay Events. If selected HydroFLASH sends your mobile app a notification when any of the selected events you choose occur. The settings for these are on the System Settings page (Rain Delay push notifications) and on the Event Programs page (for each event). You also need to enable the push notifications option on your HydroFLASH mobile device under your Controller Edit Menu. (Currently Android Only, iPhone update will be coming soon)
* Watering Scheduler now runs internally at a 1 second resolution. Program Times are entered just as before in Hours:Minutes so no changes are needed to your watering programs. What this does provide is the ability to have HydroFLASH increase or decrease the run time by small amounts based on the temperature adjustments if enabled. Additionally the Monthly percentage values that are applied will effectively reduce watering in meaningful amounts for stations with short run times. For example, stations that are set to a 1 minute run time with a 50% reduction will only run for 30 seconds. Previously there was a 1 minute minimum and the percent adjustment had little or no effect on stations with short run times.
* Added Insteon logging option on System Settings page. Keeps log file from filling up in the event a device goes off line. Only enable if you are actively diagnosing a Insteon communication issue.
* Watering Program End Times are now calculated and displayed regardless of having the Start Time Enabled check box checked or not. This is for referencing the End Time value if using a Watering Scene macro to create a schedule so you can schedule the correct times for repeated Watering Scenes.
* Added Manual Scene control to the Manual Insteon web page to allow manual activation of scenes.
* Added Scene Edit page to the Insteon Programs page to allow the creation, editing and deleting of Scene macros. Simple interface to allow editing and management of Scene macros. Will be adding this to the Mobile app soon.
* Simplified the Wireless setting page, eliminating some settings that were not needed. WPA2 and WPA-Personal (WPA-PSK) are functionally under the same menu selection. Updating to this version should not require you to change any settings on your Wireless version.
* Updated Wireless driver. We need feedback on this as we have had some of you have issues with HydroFLASH disconnecting from your network after extended time periods, while all other features working correctly. There have been other improvements in the lower level kernel components that fixed other issues that may have been related to this issue so again feedback is needed if there are any noticeable improvements (or issues) when using the updated software.
* Updated the File Management to allow moving up and down the directory structures with the additional option of being able to select individual files for deletion. (Careful here as you can delete your program, scene or other files). This is more of an maintenance feature should you need it.
* Cleaned up the System Settings page adding headers to group similar settings and some help information.
* Cleaned up the Status page placing METAR data in framed box and added NOAA Forecast Data with Probability of Precipitation and Forecast High and Low temperature values.
* Added a link on the Status page to the NOAA weather site to provide a look at additional weather information.
* Daily METAR Temperatures (High and Low Values) are also collected and stored for the previous 7 days and are used as a backup to the NOAA temperature data should it not be available.
* METAR Hourly Rainfall amounts are now tracked for a 24 hour period vs the previous 12 hour period and stored in the event of a power cycle.
* Added information to the Status page indicating the currently calculated Watering Time Adjustment percentage.
* Added Weekly Temperature data to Mobile App Weather Display under the More Tab.
* Fixed a display issue with the temperature data on the main Status page.
* Added link on the settings page to the Excel Watering vs Temperature file for downloading.
* Added link on main status page to the forum.
* Updated the User Manual.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 1.01.49
* Added 12 hour Precipitation totals and triggering rain delay based on a user entered value on the System Settings page. Also added a check box to only use the 12 hour precipitation data in the METAR as a rain delay event trigger if desired, otherwise it will use any METAR data rain trigger. Trigger level is variable in .01" of rain in the last 12 hour window.
* Updated Mobile App interface to support most of the System Settings previously only available via the Web Interface. Requires Mobile App update, Android will be available via the play store shortly and iPhone will take a few days to be available due to the Apple approval process. We will announce when both are available via a Forum email / post.
* Added SNTP restart flag to restart / re-lookup server IP addresses in the event the SNTP server returns a time out. This seems to occur on rare occasions when a server from the pool goes off line or other error. Restarting will get a new set of address from the pool.
* Changed HW reset button to 3 seconds vs 10.
* Added world time zones.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 1.01.48
* Modified the default hardware reset value for the 'Wireless Frequency Band' to use B or G vs ALL to so that HydroFLASH will always fall back to those modes following a hardware reset. This addresses an issue where some routers loose network connectivity with HydroFLASH locally or via cloud, or fail to communicate with specific N type routers (Latest Airport Extreme's and Airport Express Extenders have exhibited this issue along with others).
This issue and appears to be strictly related to the N mode operation based on our testing. We are now looking into the root cause and will advise.
For users that are having any connectivity issues please go to the System Settings page on HydroFLASH ensure that the Frequency Band selection option is set to "BG" as this is the recommend setting. Updating your firmware to this version will NOT automatically change your selection. It only ensures that if you were to reset the device it would default to that mode.
* Updated the SNTP server (Time Server) process so that if DNS is not available at power up, HydroFLASH will continue retrying periodically to acquire name service and then start up the SNTP servers. This will ensure that your RTC (Real Time CLock) is correctly updated.
* Minor change to the METAR retry logic to improve performance.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 1.01.47
* Eliminated Requirement to change your SSID to HydroFLASH when setting up HF to join your network. HF will now join any open network it finds following a reset.
* Fixed Bug that would corrupt your Config Files (Watering stations, Insteon Devices, User Settings, etc) when changing login password or network settings.
* Adds Odd and Even Watering Days option to Settings. Allows setting Odd/Even/Any Day on a station by station basis so that drip system can be run any day (local ordinance dependent).
* Added Insteon Modem detection at start up and add info to log file.
* Modified wireless settings to enable TKIP+AES when setting WPA2 Mixed Mode from web page. This should now allow correct operation of WPA2.
* Changed layout on settings page to have station and monthly watering options side by side.
* Added Real Time Clock Test at power up.
* Added new LCD display to indicate Cloud status, Connected , Polling, or Connect Error and added it to the main Web Status page.
* Added 2 repeat download attempts for METAR download in the event there was a failure to connect to the NOAA servers.
* Added local IP address to Log file Header.
* Updated User Manual
Note: After installing this update following the reboot of HydroFLASH, go to the System Settings page and click the Save Settings button once to update your system settings file.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 1.01.46
* Modified File System behavior to eliminate potential loss of user settings when making network config changes.
* Added Master Valve options for each Station - For those that currently use a Master Valve you will need to also select the check boxes next to each station number at the bottom of the settings page and save your changes.
* Fixed DST option in Settings - Was not working correctly when disabled.
* Added HTTP Port Value Option - Allows user to set the HTTP Web server port value, defaults to Port 80
* Added LCD Display of HTTP Port Value - For reference.
* Added LCD Display of Software Version Value - For Reference
* Reset HTTP Port Value on Push Button reset to 80 - When resetting Network settings via push button also resets HTTP Web server back to port 80
* Fixed bug where rain sensor input was not canceling a running program when triggered.
* Added logging entries to indicate all rain sensor events and when rain delay timer expires.
* Modified the location of the HTTPS security keys for improved security.
* Changed the LCD cycle time to be 3 seconds for each displayed value.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 1.01.45
Changes to METAR download to fix issues with some installations that had firewall issues. (Verizon HotSpot, Comcast, others). METAR download would fail stating a bad path error.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 1.01.44
Added Monthly Watering Adjustment to Settings page. User can set a value of 10% to 100% adjustment of run time minutes each month of the year to tailor watering amounts. Defaults to 100% for all months.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 1.01.43
Added Thread watchdog timer.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 1.01.42
Added Daylight Savings option to settings page to disable daylight savings adjustments in Spring/Fall.

Both Wired and WiFi Versions 1.01.41
This update resolves an issue that could cause HydroFLASH to corrupt it's settings and not allow it to successfully boot up. Any network setting changes as well as firmware updates will now automatically reboot HydroFLASH and re-direct your browser back to the main status page.
This Version has been updated to correct one missed item on the Wired Network Settings page related to the issue above.

This is a required firmware update for all devices. This firmware update addresses the following issue posted under all forums.

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