Wired Version - Release 4.00.05

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Wired Version - Release 4.00.05

Postby Support » Fri Jan 09, 2015 5:16 pm

Wired Version 4.00.05

This is a recommended update for all users .
You will need to update your mobile device to 3.0 or above to correctly work with this version.
Check the iTunes Store or Google Play Store for updates.

If you are currently using Version 3.00.04 and can't update your firmware using the 'Update from Cloud Server' button, download this version using the instructions below. Future updates should work correctly via the 'Update from Cloud Server' after applying this update.

* See the release notes under "Latest Firmware Release" topic for the specific updates related to this version.

To install this update:
1. Download and unzip the following file . It contains two firmware files. image.bin and backup.bin.

HydroFLASH Wired Version 4.00.05.zip
Wired Unit
(2.16 MiB) Downloaded 664 times

2. Browse to the 'Upload Firmware' page on HydroFLASH using your browser. Your current version is displayed on this page. Select the 'image.bin' file and click the upload button. Wait for the "Upload Complete, System is rebooting...." message to appear at the top of the browser web page.

3. After rebooting, click the 'Status' link on the HydroFLASH web page, It should refresh showing the main status page. Then click the 'Upload Firmware' link and Log In again. Repeat the upload procedure with the 'backup.bin' file. HydroFLASH will reboot again completing the update.

4. Verify the correct version is shown on the Upload Firmware page when complete.

HydroFLASH Team
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