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New Insteon User

Postby jsewell » Tue Nov 11, 2014 6:45 am

Just received my HydroFlash a couple of weeks ago, and started using it for basic watering with the intention of becoming a more advanced user by adding insteon devices. Well, today I tried to add the first insteon controller switch and in the process of installing in my garage receptacle my electrician dad grinded off the insteon address so that it fit nicely :). Obviously when I got home and tried to program the switch, I needed the address, and well, let's say that address is grinded up in small pieces. My question is there any way to get the insteon address??

Thanks in advance,
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Re: New Insteon User

Postby Support » Tue Nov 11, 2014 6:27 pm

We have not had this happen before but you bring up a good question. Currently there is no easy way to do this with HydroFLASH without some software changes. The linking process between the Insteon Modem can reveal this but we currently do not record or log this information.

We always recommend recording the address of your devices when you pull them out of the box and write this down on the box in for the short term. The be sure you backup your system files on your HydroFLASH device should something go south.

I assume that you have purchased and added the 2413S Serial Insteon Modem along with the switch or other controlled devices? Just want to be sure you have attached the necessary modem when you move forward.

Let me look into this further and I will advise.

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