Remote Rebooting

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Remote Rebooting

Postby twander1 » Sat May 21, 2016 10:31 pm

#13.0 in the Hydroflash manual, page 34, mentions remote rebooting but doesn't tell how to do it. Does anyone know? Sometimes when I travel, I find Hydroflash loses connection to the cloud and then it cannot be contacted remotely. When I get home, I reset it and all is fine again, but why have #13.0 and not tell us how to remotely reboot.

This page is used to remotely re-boot the HydroFLASH device. Any currently running watering programs will be canceled and valves will be turned off and reset. Currently active Insteon Devices will remain as they were before the reboot however will be reflected as in Manual mode on the status screen following a reboot (after a complete Insteon status query) even though they may have been activated by a HydroFLASH program. Insteon programs will continue to function and turn off or off Insteon devices correctly following a reboot. For example if a light was turned on by HydroFLASH and is indicated in the status it was running under Program 1, following a reboot the light would show up as On and in Manual mode. Later if the program that turned the device on was scheduled to turn that light Off, it will at the correct time.
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