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HydroFLASH Top Down Redesign - STATUS Please

PostPosted: Sat May 09, 2020 5:23 pm
by mc7
Brooks, on Monday February 26, 2018 you wrote (refer to: Feature Requests > HydroFLASH Feature Update List):

"We have been in a holding pattern looking at a top down re-design. We will advise when this moves forward. Web page for sales is still down as we are currently in a support only state."

It would be nice Brooks to read 2 years later what is currently going on here in May 2020 as I have a growing concern as to the future of my existing unit. My concerns include:
I'm still willing to purchase a spare (or new model) but -
what about ongoing server support?

BTW, I personally do not have a need for a new HydroFLASH model as I feel the unit I purchased back in 2014 still has better capabilities than anything else I've seen in 2020. It is an exceptionally well designed unit with a very capable app. I'd purchase a new model (wired, this time) provided it can do exactly what my current model can do IF this keeps these products alive.

FYI - With a change in Internet of Things technology I no longer have an interest in Insteon & in fact have: a new Insteon Device 43 Garage Door and Status Kit, etc. I'll be putting on eBay. (If anyone is interested, PM me as the price should be even less due to no eBay fees). Thus not sure how viable today it is to include Insteon or any home control with a new irrigation controller.

Regards and 73, Bill ("MC7")