Rain Sensor - Multimodal Support

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Rain Sensor - Multimodal Support

Postby chadm » Wed May 14, 2014 4:12 pm

The RainBird WR2 has two simultaneous modalities:

  • Immediately shutting off the system when rain is detected; this is to avoid watering while raining
  • Protracted shut off when a pre-programmed amount of rain has been collected; resuming normal operation after the dry-out has completed
  • If the rain does not reach the pre-programmed quantity, and the rain quantity has ceased to increase, the "quick shut off" mode is disabled and normal operation resumes

To accommodate this rain sensor 'smartness', the HF needs a 'knob' that empowers the rain sensor to directly govern the duration of the rain delay. This would mean decoupling METAR and NOAA from the local rain sensor. This has the added benefit of directly enabling a rain/freeze sensor to stop irrigation during 'freeze' events until it warms up.

Currently, if the rain sensor enters "quick shut off", the HF will discontinue watering until the "rain delay" timer expires. A mm of rain is enough to trigger the "quick shut off"; a mm is not enough to warrant a protracted rain delay.

Reducing the rain delay to 1 hour (attempting to find a quick work-around) caused odd behavior with the METAR/NOAA updates' influencing the rain delay (as little as 16 minutes of rain delay was observed, the NOAA/METAR data appeared to thrash).
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