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Buy Direct / Made in USA

PostPosted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:27 pm
by hfadmin

By purchasing directly from our Web Store you can help support HydroFLASH by reducing (not eliminating) the fees Amazon collects when HydroFLASH is purchased directly via their web site.

Our Web Store is run on the Amazon servers and is directly connected to their ordering process. Orders are processed using the same secure checkout as Amazon.

We also offer a PayPal checkout option from the main web page of our Web Store.

Please visit to purchase your devices. We greatly appreciate your support on this!!!!

We updated this post to include a video link related to purchasing products made in the USA. HydroFLASH is designed and manufactured in the USA.

Thanks for your interest in HydroFLASH!

HydroFLASH Team