Insteon 74551 Garage door opener interfence

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Insteon 74551 Garage door opener interfence

Postby ryerson » Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:47 pm

I spent several hours working with Hydroflash on a problem with the Insteon 74551 functionality. The problem was that my Genie garage door opener was receiving false signals (momentary contact closure) when the Insteon unit was operating that caused the garage door opening and closing cycle to malfunction. It would stop amid either an open or close cycle and reverse to either a closed or open state. Brooks and I tried everything!!! Very frustrating and time consuming. Ultimately while looking at the Genie opener I noticed that I had installed energy effecient lightbulbs and recalled that they can create electrical mechanical interference (EMI). My research on the Interent found this information: ... oor-opener: Many electronic devices, such as radios, televisions, wireless telephones, and remote controls, use infrared light to transmit signals. Infrequently, these types of electronic devices accidentally interpret the infrared light coming from a compact fluorescent bulb as a signal, causing the electronic device to temporarily malfunction or stop working. (For example, your television might suddenly change channels.) Fortunately, this only happens when light is produced at the same wavelength as the electronic device signals, which is rare. To reduce the chance of interference, avoid placing compact fluorescent bulbs near these kinds of electronic devices. If interference occurs, move the bulb away from the electronic device, or plug either the light fixture or the electronic device into a different outlet.
I went back to the old incandescent bulbs and the problem was resolved!!! :shock:
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Re: Insteon 74551 Garage door opener interfence

Postby Support » Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:57 am

Thanks much for posting the results of the hair pulling fun!

So happy you got that resolved and shared your findings with others here. Will likely save another user the frustration you went through!
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Re: Insteon 74551 Garage door opener interfence

Postby doughty12 » Tue Sep 30, 2014 7:26 am

Nice information you have found in your research.
With the obsolescence of the basic incandescent light bulb, it has come to Genie’s attention that there are certain brands or types of LED bulbs that can cause interference with the radio signals. These LED bulbs can have an effect on the operation of nearby devices, such as affecting the transmitter range for remote operation of a garage door opener.

Genie has conducted both function and fit tests with many of today’s most readily available LED replacement bulbs. The LED bulbs listed here showed minimal radio frequency impact when compared to other bulbs tested. Other LED bulb models will likely work but the effects on your garage door opener transmitter range could vary.
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