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Insteon Events - Motion Sensors

Postby Support » Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:23 pm

Thought we would post some helpful tips on how you can use motion sensors with HydroFLASH and run through a simple application.

Here are the steps to set it up.

1. Link the motion sensor to your Insteon modem by pressing the button on the motion sensor for a few seconds until it begins blinking and enters the linking mode.

2. Press and hold the linking button on your Insteon modem until they successfully link and the Motion sensor stops blinking. At this point the motion sensor will send HydroFLASH a ON command when motion is sensed and and OFF command after the configurable delay on the Motion sensor.

3. On the HydroFLASH Insteon Devices page enter the address of the Motion sensor and select Motion Sensor as the device type. Save your settings.

Now lets say you want to turn off lights that have been left on in a room that is no longer occupied. To do this you will create two simple scene files. For simplicity we will call the scenes:

Room Lights Off SD
Room Lights Off CD

The 'SD' will indicate that this scene sets a delay and the CD indicates that is will clear the delay.

In the scene files you will have the following:
For 'Room Lights Off SD' scene:

For 'Room Lights Off CD' scene:

Now all the above scenes do is either set a delay count down for the referenced device or clear it.

Now simply go to the Event Programs page under Insteon Programs on HydroFLASH and create two Event entries as Shown below:

Motion Detector Example.jpg
Events Programs
Motion Detector Example.jpg (111.28 KiB) Viewed 12960 times

Set your delay value as desired. In this example the motion detector does not turn or off any lights but simply creates a countdown that will turn off the light should it be on after the time delay has been expired.

Note that there must be some activity in room to initially kick of the sequence so if you were to turn on the light remotely and never enter the room the motion detector will remain an the off state and never trigger either of the scenes, and the light would remain on.

If you simply want the light to come on when you walk into the room you can create a single scene that operated when the Motion sensor sends a ON command. In that scene you would simply enter the lights you wanted to turn on followed by a delay value as shown here:


If you use the above example along with the 'Room Lights Off SD' you will effectively create a condition that will turn on the lights when you enter the room and then turn them off after after no activity is detected following the delay value in the 'Room Lights Off SD' scene.

Don't forget that you can also stipulate the Time of Day criteria in the scene file so that it only operates during the desired time of day as shown below which will only set the delay during daylight hours.

MY LIGHT, NONE, +SR0:00/+SS0:00, AD0:15
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