Motion with further conditons

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Motion with further conditons

Postby xuv224 » Sat Jul 18, 2015 11:57 pm

I have a scene as follows:

Light - Garage,ON,NONE,AD0:15

I have the scene linked to an event program, that when the motion sensor sends "ON', the above scene is executed.

It turns on my garage lights when motion is sensed and turns off the light after 15 seconds with no motion detected.

Is it possible to further add a condition that all the above is executed only when the garage door is closed (I also have garage door sensor installed).

The purpose is this: It is daytime, no lights are on anywhere nearby. The garage is closed by pushing a button. It does not get dark inside yet, as when most automatic garage doors close, they run their own built-in, overhead light for a few minutes. Then, after a few minutes it gets dark in the garage as the overhead light turns off. If I am still in the garage, I'm in the dark now.

I have the option to run the above script, but that will operate even if the garage door is open and there is no need for lights to be on.

Or, I can not use any Hydroflash software control over the motion sensor and simply link the motion sensor to the 2477D dimmer switch. Then I can use the jumpers on the motion sensor to run only when dark. If I did this, it would work, except that it will get dark for a few seconds (or perhaps, minutes) as the overhead light turns off, the sensor determines it is night and sends a command to the 2477D switch. That would defeat the purpose.

With a string of conditions (motion sense: ON + garage door: Closed, then lights on) it could be solved. But, can I program this?

Also, another note: How are scenes loaded in the interface (phone or Internet Explorer)? I have several scenes and I like them to be in a certain order.

I have them named:

Motion Driveway
Motion Garage
Theater Lights

But they show up as:

Motion Driveway
Theater Lights
Motion Garage

I have tried deleting all, renaming them in any order, but no matter what I do, it puts the Theater Lights in the middle of the others, which does not affect the operation, but it could look nicer, more organized, by having them in a desired order. And ordering individual devices would be nice too. Right now, I have to delete 10+ devices to fit a new one higher on the list, but at least that is possible, it is not with the scenes.

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