Can't login to Hydroflash Wired version

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Can't login to Hydroflash Wired version

Postby eburies » Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:24 pm

I can see the homepage for the wired Hydroflash version I have but when I choose "watering programs" or anything other than "status" on the left side of webpage, I am asked for the login and password. The manual indicated login: root & password: hydroflash. I put the information in as all lowercase but then I get the following message: The server say: HydroFLASH Realm

What do I need to do next?
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Re: Can't login to Hydroflash Wired version

Postby Support » Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:31 pm

Is this a new unit or have you been able to log in successfully before?

You can use a small paperclip to reset the log in password to defaults. It is located to the lower right of the Ethernet connector. Press gently for about three seconds and release. The device will reboot with standard password.

Keep in mind that if you have forgotten your password, and reset the device you will need to also change the password in the mobile app to match. Can you access HF via the mobile app OK before resetting it?

Contact support at support@hydroflash,net if you need further assistance.

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