Minor update to Version 2.00.00

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Minor update to Version 2.00.00

Postby Support » Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:50 am


We discovered three small issues with the recently released software and are testing the corrections currently. We expect to place the update firmware on the forum shortly. They are minor issues as explained below.

1. Insteon Event processing improvements. Insteon devices send out commands to linked devices using a broadcast command first followed by what is known as a clean up command. This is to improve the response time of multiple devices when commanded by a single device. In the event the broadcast command is not received by an individual device, the device then sends individual commands to each of the linked devices to ensure it received the command. Occasionally HF would process two event commands in a back to back fashion. The end effect would likely run a scene twice which is not really desirable and if push notifications are on you would receive two of these. We corrected the issue and are now testing it.

2. The labels for the Days of the week for the Temperature values when viewed on the Mobile App Weather Tab are incorrect and duplicated days appear. The information on the main web status page is fine.

3. Improvements to the NOAA weather processor. There was a condition that could potentially stall the thread preventing further updates.

We will be changing the way we are posting the firmware updates so that we create a new topic header for each firmware release. This way the post Date will help reflect a more recent release. We had been updating the topic but it does not update the Post date and is misleading some folks to thinking that it is not "new" software.

Thanks for all your inputs via the support email address and here.

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